Sad face

Today was one of those days when you have a half a dozen invitations. Every other weekend, we try to find something to do, and often do nothing. We have an invitation to an uncle’s surprise party, a random graduation party, a family reunion picnic and more.

But, we were thinking of heading up to Toronto to see an online friend of mine who’s visiting family there. She’s in TX, so we’ve never met, but she’s been my biggest and best supporter throughout all that we’ve been through. Well, being that it’s a visit for a cousin’s wedding, their weekend is pretty booked. Add to that a festival weekend in Ontario and a long wait at the border, we decided it wasn’t going to work out. So, obviously, I’m sad. She has been a big part of my life for a few years now and I was excited to meet her, her husband and her darling son. If she sees this, I promise, we’ll try again.