Life is miserable

I’m fed up. I fixed the problem with the tax people. I am trying to rectify the two speeding tickets I have obtained. Both for 15 mph over within the course of three days. This is of course, hysterical to me since I am the slowpoke of the road. I have to wonder, was it the rental car? Was it the fact that I was and am completely distracted by my personal life and the upheaval surrounding it.

I thought a trip home would be a nice break. Wrong.

It’s been about 8 weeks now, and I’m torn. Trying to settle things with the Husband. I’m tired of all the confusion. I’m wanted here, when I don’t want to stay. But guilt and obligation and other circumstances are keeping me here. My friends want me to come back and stay with them, but I have reservations about that. Plus, going back to NY has so many things associated with it. No one understands what’s going on and judgment is being passed. I have no idea what I’d do there.

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Okay, two cities, two malls and a number of independent stores later, I FINALLY found yellow pumps. I can’t say these will get a ton of use, but I wanted them and was determined to find some for with my new dress. Not that many people even noticed them, but I was happy to have them.

Etienne Aigner Marta. They’re pretty, a sunny yellow leather with pleats. Funny how when I’m scattered I can focus on something so silly, and finding it can make me pleased.

Can someone please tell me why?

I had my last cordless phones for years. Never seemed to have a problem getting them to keep a charge. One got smashed by my mother in law during her manic kitchen pack off. The other died in the move apparently. When we unpacked it and plugged it in, nothing, changed batteries, nothing.

I bought two at target, cheap but not cheapest. Just standard Uniden, no answering machines, but if I forget to place them in the cradle – which happens often – they die.

And always MID-conversation. And since the only corded phone is next to the bed, I never get there before the beeping turns to dead air. So frustrating.