Random remarks

Because I'm too tired to write all the more important things I would like to…

-I'm thinking I may be one of the few not watching the Olympics. Just can't seem to get up any enthusiasm for them this time around.

-I need to get boxes.

-I read "Love the One You're With" by Emily Giffin simply because it was placed on hold at the library under my name accidentally. Surprised that I enjoyed it – until the end when I pitched it at the wall. More of a reflection on my circumstances than the authors storytelling.

-Sulking because the person who was supposed to interview me for the project has not emailed me back.

-Need to find a seamstress and a shoe repair place. I am hard on my belongings lately.

-I prefer the drive from Buffalo to Nashville when I'm by myself.

3 thoughts on “Random remarks

  1. I always like to drive by myself better than with others. With other people in the car, you have to take their considerations into account re: air conditioning v. window v. both, music, loudness of music, how often you have to stop, and where to eat. Plus, you have to make small talk, which…argh!!
    I can not stop watching the Olympics. I am addicted. Must stop now and be strong enough to go to bed before the live coverage ends.


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