Another Friday night

I've finished at least part of my to do list.  Lots of things have been lacking here, but I'm trying to stay on top of the pile.  I miss having friends and family over all the time.  It helped keep the clutter at bay.  It seems like in each room I have just enough mess to look disorganized.  I think my mind feels chaotic and so it seeps into the physical world.

I have another quiet weekend ahead, I'd guess.  Husband has a wicked sinus infection and a terrible cough.  He finally let me convince him to call in and go to the doctors.  So he is medicated and in bed.  Knowing how he is, that's where he'll spend the remainder of the weekend.  It's not that I feel the need to spend every moment with him, especially after doing so last weekend.  But, I get incredibly lonely on the weekends.  He never wants to do anything, but whines if I do anything myself.

I'll try to shut up now.  I have books from the library, dinner made for tomorrow.  The house is half clean and the professional things I needed to finish this week are done.  All I have to do is remake the bed I'm sleeping in.  Oh, and remember to vent just a little less.

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