It's rare for me to be quiet for long.  But I've felt a need for peace.  I'm not really getting any, but hey, a girl can dream. 

I've been seeing a new therapist.  Having to revisit old wounds is not my style, I do not like getting emotional in front of people.  I had such a rapport with my last counselor, we worked together for more than four years.   I never had to explain things, she knew those close to me by name.  I guess I was spoiled.  I found a therapist who "got" me; one who wasn't deterred by the humor I use to deflect from any personal pain.  A professional who knew I needed a certain level of trust, a specific exchange of thoughts before I truly felt comfortable.

I'm trying to get there with the new one, but at a time where I have no one else to turn to, getting  all worked up over past events is not helping.

So, I've been quiet.  A lot has been going on in my head, and out.  Just needed a step back, and a deep breath. 

And maybe a cupcake or a stiff drink. 

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