My birthday gift to myself

Today is my birthday, and I'm thinking of ways to celebrate. 

Yes, I know it's election day.  I was born on a presidential election day, and the number of times where my birthday will fall on a presidential election day is small compared to the number of birthdays I will have.  I voted this morning, even though I wanted to wring someone's neck by the end of the session. 

So, onto more important things (self-absorbed much?)

I am thinking of how to spend my late afternoon / evening.  Ways to celebrate that don't involve feeling sorry for myself.

Edited to add a thank you.  For everyone's well wishes.  Brightened my day, as much as these two things have.   



12 thoughts on “My birthday gift to myself

  1. Feeling sorry for yourself won’t do any long term good. Instead look into your future and see all the exciting possibilities. Sure, you face a good bit of change and uncertainty. Just remember that future is bright.
    Big birthday hug for you.


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