Insert annoyed groan here

I love my father.

I hate that because he lost his job he has nothing better to do than sit around all day thinking of ways to "fix" my life.

I hate that he calls my husband to give him a talking to and that he does so because apparently my husband's father called him.

Then my father calls me and informs me he will be calling later tonight with my mother to speak to me.

My wedding night would have been much stranger with my father and father in law there.

2 thoughts on “Insert annoyed groan here

  1. “apparently my husband’s father called him…”
    Ewww. Why? Why must they meddle? Annoyed groan indeed.
    Do you get the same sense of dread that I get when I hear “We have to talk…” from my parents?


  2. As annoying as this is Kate (it is very annoying indeed), you have to keep in mind they mean well.
    They think they are doing the right thing for you. They think they can make things better.
    You and I know exactly the opposite is true. But you have to gently thank them and point out that if they really care for you it’s time they step back and let you be the big girl we know you are.
    Good luck with that.


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