He's told me, multiple times, that he'll tell me anything I want to know.  That he'll answer anything I ask, and on the off chance he doesn't want to tell me, he'd explain why.

Sometimes I wonder if I just don't know what to ask.

Some days he's more talkative, telling me things, and I find myself pausing, being quiet, because often listening is the only prompt someone needs to tell you more.

Sometimes I do ask, but I phrase my questions carefully.  He's not secretive, but he is private.  His past is his and some of it isn't pleasant.  He isn't compelled to share everything the way I am.  Hell, I probably share too much. 

I want him to tell me things, but I think it doesn't occur to him to tell me without being asked.

2 thoughts on “Tell

  1. Come on Kate. You aren’t a teenager any more. There is no need for the games girls and boys played way back then.
    Just go ahead and ask him anything you want to know. That’s the way men and women are supposed to act, right?


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