I’m overwhelmed.

My heart bursts with love as my insides bleed guilt, worry, pain, uncertainty.

My stomach flutters with butterflies of fear and anxiety

(Oh, and for those of you who might know, why is it that my posts here take so much longer to post to reader than they did in typepad?)

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  1. I’m finding the RSS feeds seem to be moving much slower lately. Most seem to take an hour or more, but I’ve had some show up 2-3 days after they were originally posted. Feed burner seems to speed it up a little, if you use that instead of just the generic WP feed.


  2. My posts take around 10-15 minutes to appear in my RSS feed on Googe Reader (yes, I subscribe to myself – how narcissistic). I think it’s just because Google only requests the feed every 20 minutes or so – remember, RSS is a ‘pull’ technology, not a push one.

    Sometimes posts haven’t appeared for ages though, so it’s probably just a bit random.

    The benefits of WP are infinite though – not least because were you on Typepad or Blogspot I wouldn’t be able to write this comment at all via my mobile phone, so you wouldn’t hear from me. 😉


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