I’m enjoying my new home here in Salt Lake.

I feel more at home here after a week than I did after 3 months in Nebraska.

Sometimes you have people in your life who “get” you, who love you as you are. I’m becoming friends with some of those people. I feel incredibly lucky.

Funny to have that homesick feeling when you finally feel home.

I’ve been seeing someone. He’s romantic and sweet. He pushes when I need to be pushed; relentless sometimes but I need that. I’ve let down my guard with him, he is inside all the walls, but there are still times I try to protect him from me. He’s kind, appreciative of things I do for him, always asking what he can do for me and to me.

Let’s discuss this.

Someone on my level. Trying to convey how we are connecting in body after first connecting in mind, in friendship, I find myself wordless, unable to tell you how this feels.

talk to me

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