Dates and nuts

I’ve never been on a “real” date; a traditional date.

I think I just wasn’t the girl you asked out. Sometimes I met people out, I hung out at their house, a group of us would go out and do something; all my life, I’ve somehow missed the kind of date where you planned it out, got dolled up, had him pick you up, open your door, and so on.

I’ve not been around too many men who would open your door or stand when you leave the table. Who actually think about what you would want to do. Who would enjoy thinking up the perfect place to take you to dinner or picking the movie knowing you’ll be delighted to spend the evening with them.

I have a chance to have a Saturday night out, when usually I spend the night alone. I want to plan something fun and unusual and romantic. I know he wants to take me on a real date, but in the meantime, it would be nice to surprise him with a fun night out.

I’m just so inexperienced at planning something like this…

One thought on “Dates and nuts

  1. I think, what matters, is the planning, the intent. If he’s a great as he sounds, what will matter is the thought you put it into it.



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