Last night, as we headed to bed shortly after 8pm, I told him I was afraid that the switch to days may have been a mistake. That it seems we see each other less, and on average, there’s less time for fooling around.

He deflated; I felt his body start to heave. He feels this might be a mistake at work, new coworkers, more bullshit to deal with. He’s afraid I was giving up on him, because he and I both know he can’t change back his schedule at this point.

I immediately regretted letting the words slip from my mouth. I never want him to think I’ve given up on him. Everyone before me has, family, friends, lovers; and so it would kill me to do that to him as well. I don’t know that days was a bad choice, or that it means less time for us in the long run. I know he’s adjusting to the change in schedule, as I am, and that my job nonsense is affecting us as well. We may will figure out a balance as time moves forward.

2 thoughts on “Days

  1. Kate, listen to what you are saying.

    “We may figure out a balance…”

    Come on now girl. Time to adjust the attitude. Instead try a more positive outlook.

    “We WILL figure out a balance…”

    We can tell you really love this man. Time to quit sitting on the fence and jump into the relationship with your whole heart. We know you’ve been hurt before. Who hasn’t.

    But this sitting back, holding back, while you wait and see won’t get you where you want to be.



  2. This is just a normal response to a major schedule change…I react badly to change too…but in time this will become normal as well.

    That said, I really do feel for you. Between the insomnia (got a problem with that myself) and less time together I know it’s a rough adjustment.


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