Things are still crazy as I adjust to a new workplace, a new schedule.

While I’ve dealt with a lot of change over the last year (or two or three), I still find myself struggling with it at times. Last week was kinda crazy, as I

  • figured out drive times and traffic (hate the 45 min. drive there)
  • tried to find scrubs (ceil blue is not my color)
  • learned the ins and outs of the office (boring)

I’m not comfortable, but I’ve gotten my needed dose of reassurance, both from my direct supervisor and at home, so that has helped. I know I don’t “belong” there, but they’ll make a space for me while I’m there, and no one says I have to stop looking for something else to do.

But, here, here with him, I do belong.  We are both making an effort to curtail the bad habit of jumping to conclusions. We’re enjoying the time we do have together and have kept up trying to communicate better.  We still make mistakes (especially me) but this is one place where it’s the thought (and the effort) that counts.

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