Let me guess how many posts today will be about them, or use this as the title, I don’t care.

Last weekend we sat out and watched some. I haven’t done that since I was a kid, just go and watch the fireworks. I’d notice them as I was driving home from work, or I’d see them from the window, but I haven’t gone to watch in years.

We grabbed a blanket and a patch of grass outside a shopping center parking lot and sat ourselves down, snuggling to keep each other warm. Tonight we may do something similar.

What I’ve realized here in the last 4 months, is that he makes the simple exciting and enjoyable. We appreciate each other and seem to appreciate the little things more with the other around. Things like fireworks, and good songs on the radio, rainstorms, or a nicely cooked meal.

Our fireworks come more than just on the 4th.  We have a passion for each other that goes beyond one hot summer day. We tend to the other and to ourselves and enjoy what we have. Like fireworks, our relationship is  made up of simple things; but when the right chemistry combines, we turn into something beautiful.

So, when you hear that squeal, pop, bang and see those bright explosions of light, understand that’s what he does for me, all the time.

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