he’s singing my song

I’m not sure there’s ever been an actual theme song in my head, like you would expect. There’s a seemingly endless string of songs though, a soundtrack of sorts as I go through my days.

There are songs that serve as narration of my thoughts. Songs that capture what he means to me, feelings I have about our relationship.

He serenaded me a little while ago. A bad night led to me crying in his arms at the end of the night, feeling frustrated and anxious. As he laid there in the dark, he started to sing. I didn’t recognize the song, but I didn’t interrupt him to ask. I knew this was one of those precious moments, the ones you’ll relive, the ones you almost can’t believe are happening because they’re just that good.

When I’m having a rough moment, I play the song as he sang it in my head. He played me the recorded version a few days later, but it couldn’t hold a candle to his interpretation in my opinion.

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