bringing out the better

He brings out the better from the bad.

I’m one girl, just flawed and bruised, and he finds the good in me and brings it out. He makes it easy for me to be myself, the better parts of me.

He brought me up and help me to brush off the dirty. Use whatever metaphor you like, I feel like I went from the caterpillar to the butterfly, the duckling to the swan.

Like a cheesy movie – when the girl loses the bad clothes, the glasses and the updo in favor of big hair, mascaraed lashes and a gorgeous dress – I’ve been transformed.

Or maybe just revealed.

2 thoughts on “bringing out the better

  1. The good, the beautiful, the confident person was there all along. He made it easy for you to show this side of yourself. The ability to do that is a great gift indeed.

    I’m glad you found each other.



  2. Wow. I just wrote a post on being revealed….odd timing I would see this. Btw, I had the wrong damn link for your page. No wonder I am out of the loop here. I can be dippy…..sheesh.


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