ping pong

My brain, and thoughts that occupy it, remind me of a ping pong ball. Bouncing here and there, I’m usually all over the place. This especially happens at night, when I lay there hoping for sleep.

Funny, when I first started crashing here, I always fell asleep first. But, it was after a long day or night, so the time is the key, I believe. Now that my body has pretty much adjusted to being up in the daytime and in bed at night, it’s back to the usual history of not sleeping well. Part of it is an erratic schedule, I’m sure. I’ve never been a girl with a dead strict routine, though I have tried waking and retiring at the same time each day to change my sleeping habits.

I hate the tossing and turning, the inability to quiet down inside enough to just fall off into slumber.

I wake up, usually after having only half as much sleep as I would prefer and feeling a little whipped. It gets progressively worse as the days go on if I don’t get a reprieve. Both Monday and Tuesday this week I ended up taking a nap in the afternoon, like a child or some old woman.

I’ve been dealing with strange dreams and nightmares as well, both which unsettle me enough to wake up at times. Sometimes I choose to just get up because I know falling back asleep with those thoughts present leads to mental stress.

I’m hoping our vacation next week will give me time to sleep, and maybe I’ll change my pattern.

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