I’m not sure I’m a “wow” kinda girl.

I’ve had people tell me I was beautiful, that I have lovely skin, hair, eyes, etc. I can take a compliment, mostly, without blushing or deflecting.

Saturday was one of those teenage girl days, where you’re hormonal and nothing fits and you’re reliving the time you were 12 and that boy you crushed on crushed you by making fun of you when you revealed your true feelings. I couldn’t find what I wanted, I couldn’t find something that looked good, that fit well, that fell in my price range.

I was crying in the mall, being reassured by the bestest of boyfriends, telling me he chose me, that he loves me that I’m being too hard on me.

And then, I gave up. We searched for shorts for him and headed to a second mall. We found him some and stopped in another store for me at the last minute, just to see if they had the dress I was looking for. He saw some dresses and urged me to try a couple on.

The first one looked really good, he gave me that look, the one we all love to see, when we can see that we look good in someone’s eyes. When it reflects that they see what we see. Because if he likes it and we don’t, well it ain’t gonna happen.

Then I tried another, in a color I love, that looks great with my hair, that I thought would look hideous. I was too nervous to step out of the dressing room so I just opened the door for him. He looked me up and down. He pulled me out to the three way mirror. He smiled and said “wow”.

I tried on the dress in another smaller size and with the right kind of bra. I stepped out and he beamed. He actually sucked in his breath.

I felt gorgeous, and that is a wonderful thing.

3 thoughts on “wow

  1. You know Kate, that sort of post almost demands a photo of you wearing the dress.

    Am sure your beau isn’t the only one that would be saying wow.




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