My options suck.

I can take a $99 flight from Salt Lake to Nashville and then rent a U-Haul to load and drive back to Utah. Truck costing about $900. Add in gas and a night somewhere between all that driving and you’re talking more than a grand.

I can drive to Lincoln and just get what I can in the car. Don’t think I could fit everything, but could get most and then toss the rest or continue to pay storage fees. That costs me gas money and a night somewhere = more or less than $500.

The ex can ship a box at a time from the Nashville stuff. I’d still be paying that storage unit monthly until it’s empty and at what – $20-$40 per box, that would add up.

Drive a rented truck / trailer from here to Nashville, load that, then catch the Nebraska stuff on the way back. Probably a week’s time, gas money and a few hundred for the rental costs.

I’m nickel and diming it. Paying for the storage units each month is cheaper in the short term, but more in the long haul. If I get the stuff, I don’t have to pay it, but I don’t have the money to get the stuff.

I’m getting frustrated. <Beating head on wall>

And all this money would take away from me trying to find a way to afford a flight home at Christmas. I keep waiting for something to come along as the perfect solution, but in reality, I’m thinking it will end up being a case of the lesser of the evils.

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