random remarks

– I wish airline prices around the holidays were more reasonable. I’m not sure I can go home and it’s amazing to think it’s almost a year (may be more) before I see my family again.

– Haven’t heard anything yet, but he said he’d call as soon as he was able, and I shouldn’t worry if I didn’t hear from him. I know I would have (hopefully) gotten a call if something was wrong.

– I’m sitting in a cute blue nightie, trying to relax, and laughing, knowing you have to sometimes, at pictures of my sister’s new puppy.

– I still hate work, but at least I have a job.

– I am trying to decide what to get my sister for her anniversary and my best friend for her birthday.

– I haven’t decided if I’m excited about my birthday or not.

– I need some new blogs to read. Suggestions?

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