It’s been tough around here.

While tough is always subjective – it’s probably the best word to describe things.

Work has been more hectic than usual – only a few more hours, which I am grateful for, but at the cost of a weirder schedule and working more days a week. No one likes going in for 3 or so hours at a time.

The boyfriend lost his dog. It’s very hard to see him grieving. I’m very angry at his ex for not taking better care of the dog and I’m also feeling guilty because we have talked about future plans to get a dog and I’m apprehensive, though I know he wants to.

Money is tight. I have been scrimping and saving to save for a ticket for Christmas, but I think I just may postpone my trip until January. A ticket at 25% of the cost or less sounds like a better idea for a girl on a budget. I just can’t justify paying more than $800 to be home for the actual holiday.

We’re floundering a little. Sometimes we swim towards each other and hang on to the other one, sometimes we seem to circle away. I want to make him feel better about everything, but I haven’t yet figured out how.

I am a fixer still. As is he, and this makes it difficult because we both want to solve every problem. I have to remember we don’t have to.

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