Being grateful and giving thanks

I’m sure I’ll just be one of many writing a post today about how thankful or grateful they are. I’m doing it anyway.

I am thankful my family has somewhere to go – that my aunt so resentfully graciously welcomes everyone into her home.

I am thankful I have a job, when so many people don’t.

I am grateful for my coworkers, that they make my days a little more entertaining, even if they drive me crazy.

I am thankful I have somewhere to live, with a kitchen table to have dinner at. (Yay for a table!)

I am grateful that I have food to cook tomorrow, that I have someone to help me make Thanksgiving dinner, and that same special someone to enjoy it with.

I’m thankful I am free in the morning to watch the parade.

I am thankful that the ex is still OK, and that the radiation isn’t whipping him too badly.

I am thankful that a couple I have been friends with for a couple years still checks on me and says hello from time to time.

I am thankful for what I’ve been given, and grateful for the lessons I’m learning. I’m appreciative of my experiences and my life, and of having so many people to care about. I am thankful someone reads this, because I appreciate this outlet.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

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