It’s the thought that counts

And it is. I don’t need some huge show of affection. I don’t expect two (or even one) dozen perfect roses delivered by a guy in a tuxedo; or surf and turf at the swankiest restaurant in Salt Lake. I don’t need gourmet truffles or an ornate handmade card. I don’t want pricey jewelry. 
I want to be thought of. I want my wants, my likes, my preferences to be considered. I want to have him see something, hear about something, think of something and say, “yes, that is SO Kate”; “she would love that!” or something along those lines. 

Valentine’s day has always been the day where I shared my affection with loved ones. At some point in my geeky teenage life, I decided it didn’t have to be all mushy and romantic, and so I made sweet treats for friends, colleagues, neighbors and family. Later, yes, I went all out with the cheesiest and got married on that day, but married, I never really celebrated the day together as an anniversary, my ex just wasn’t that kind of guy. 

So, perhaps the expectations are unfair or unreasonable. 

Last Valentine’s day, I went on a road trip with him. We met that day for the first time, and cemented the friendship, the relationship we had already formed. I can’t recreate what we felt that day, and I don’t need to. 

I don’t want to be selfish or high maintenance; I know in my head that he cares, that he loves me and wants me and thinks of me. I know I don’t need anymore than that. I just want it. 

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