The off days

We no longer have a schedule in sync.

My days off are quiet. Sometimes I get things done, some days are less than productive.

I miss the time together, the chances to run around with each other. To play, to explore, to do the mundane.

I’ll enjoy the trip next week simply for the chance to enjoy each other for a while.

Just the usual craziness

Life has been a little bit hectic.

The boyfriend is recovering well from his surgery and is finally able to sleep without the sling and all its accessories.

Work has been stressful. One girl left, one went on maternity leave as planned, another took hers 9 weeks early due to a premature birth. So, everyone’s jumping to cover all the gaps.

We’re still planning to travel for Mothers day. It will be interesting to take him home to meet the family. My sister is planning a big barbecue, we’re going out for brunch Sunday and seeing what else we can fit into those few days.

Hoping we can get our passports back in time so I can take him over to the Canadian side of the falls, and so I have a good photo ID. (Long story)

Other than that, it’s a lot of the usual.

death and taxes

I’ve been in so much pain today, that in moments, I’d swear I really was dying. (I know, I am a bit overdramatic) The pelvic pain is intense and the sudden bursts of bleeding scare me. With a $3,000 medical deductible I’m in no hurry to let him take me to the instacare – which he wants to do.

I’m trying to straighten out my taxes – thanks to a procrastinating ex. Taxes after divorce are sketchy, dealing with multiple states and it just gets more fun. Apparently it’s even upsetting my boyfriend. I had him yell at me for the first time. We were both venting and he was complaining because I’m afraid to cost my ex more in taxes to make my life easier while he gave his ex almost $100,000 in settlement.

Fun all around.

planning to go home

Another trip home is potentially in the works. I’m not OK with just going home once a year for Christmas, so I am trying to swing a long weekend there for Mothers day.

Trying to arrange work off, trying to figure out scheduling, flights and so on is trying for two people sometimes. I want to make sure things go well from that end of it, to take the anxiety off. It’s weird enough to do this as a way for the family to meet the boyfriend, I don’t want him worrying about the details.

Monday afternoon

Mondays are strange, as they are no longer a day for us together. Work changes have me alone at home Mondays. He’s at work M – F while he recovers. I try to fill the day with errands and busyness so that I don’t end up thinking too much.

Easter was wonderful. Church and brunch, stopping in to see neighbors and a naked nap. What could be better?

It’s days like that that make me feel lucky. That we are our own little family, that we can make our own traditions.

I am blessed.

Sometimes I find myself acting up.

An embarrassment to myself and those around me. Sulking, beating myself up, worrying and fretting. I need to remember to let go, to enjoy life, like I used to.

To be grateful for the good things instead of focusing on the bad things. I will not let this job destroy me.

I have a wonderful boyfriend, and we have nice Easter plans.

I will not let anything ruin it.