random remarks

Been a while since I did one of these

– Halloween costumes are always complicated. I’m still the little kid that changes her mind every time she thinks of a “new” idea.

– A bad moment as we lay in bed, going to sleep. Affected my dreams all night. Yes, I regret it, it was a horrible time in my life, one from which you were the only solace.  I hated myself and needed an escape. I was being self destructive and thought I was sparing you. By keeping what we had sacred, I was choosing you. It was a long time ago. It was before. I thought we were past it too, I’m sorry once again.

– The costumes are planned, but the party could be a little nerve wracking.

– Still no good bites on the job hunt. Maybe it’s time to step things up a notch.

– Found another spider today. Grr.

– I’m trying to clean up, we’re having his brother and his brother’s girlfriend for dinner Sunday. Only have had a handful of guests since I got here, so I’m anxious. Hoping it goes well, I know he wishes they were closer like they used to be.

– I don’t know what I want for my birthday or what I want to do. I better start thinking.

– I will probably have to spend Thanksgiving alone. D works and everyone I can think of inviting most likely has other / family plans. This makes me pout, especially considering I haven’t really made a decision towards the holidays. I’m leaning towards a January trip, which can serve as post holiday Christmas and birthday celebration for both my parents.

– My head hurts.

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