self forgiveness

It’s harder to forgive yourself. To pardon the very party you may believe most to blame.

Sometimes I want to forgive myself for not being perfect. But, it’s unreasonable to think I can be perfect in the first place, so I let that one go. I have things I regret, certainly, but most I have already forgiven myself for, and blamed on youth, naivety, and stupidity.

So, I have to really think about something to forgive yourself for. I won’t say a number of things that people might expect. Finally, I’ve come to the realization that not everything is my fault.

I have had to forgive myself for leaving the way I did. I needed to forgive myself for making bad decisions that led to bad consequences. Thankfully, things worked out, but I got hurt and hurt others in this process and I needed to make peace that what happened, happened.

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