I hope

I hope to leave a mark. I hope that someone’s life is more important because I was in it. I hope to have my influence reflected in someone’s actions. Since I won’t have children, I can’t think I will see myself in someone. However, I would like to think I’ve affected enough people that maybe one of them makes a huge difference in the world. It’s like a chain reaction, when I do something kind for someone, they do something in turn for someone else.

There are plenty of other things I hope to do in my life. I am working on creating my mighty life list but these aren’t things I’m waiting on, I want to cherish each day. I’ve tried to live like this, and I want to remind myself that I need to. Like Miss Britt said in her day 5 post “Most of the things that are important enough to be hoped for are too important to put off for another day”

So, a peek into my mighty life list (still to be finished)

host a sit-down dinner party / visit Europe / learn how to swim / go on a cruise / visit the states I haven’t been to, so I can hit all 50 / take D to Mardi Gras / see a show on broadway / sing with an orchestra again / have a boudoir portrait done / host a masquerade or themed costume party …

talk to me

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