mistaken for heroes

I’m not sure I’ve had too many heroes in my life. My main heroes have been my parents. My parents are great people, but there are times they have let me down.

As a child, I thought my parents were infallible. I took everything they had to give, learned everything that they had to teach me. I tried to be a perfect eldest child, the smartest girl in class, the best behaved child in the neighborhood. As I got older, I still thought my parents knew everything. They were dated and dorky, but they were mine and they were great. I may have rolled my eyes a time or two, but I never thought they were anything less than wonderful.

I got married, I tried to become a parent myself, and over a span of a few years, I felt the sting of disappointment. I realized they were flawed. I noticed things that were less than desirable.

They aren’t superheroes. They aren’t perfect. I have been let down, but I know that was inevitable. It has made me look at them in a different light. That light may be less flattering, but it makes it so much easier to see who they are. I love who they are, just as much as I loved who I thought they were.

One thought on “mistaken for heroes

  1. I think another benefit to that is that once I saw that my parents made mistakes (specifically in parenting,) it made me feel better about my mistakes as well. It takes away some of the stress about trying to be absolutely perfect.


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