I think this day will forever now be bittersweet.

When I was married, this was my anniversary. We chose it and laughed at how cheesy it was, but we went all out with the Valentine theme. Red roses, pink hearts everywhere.

Later, after my divorce, it was the day I met my best friend in person. The man I now call my love. We didn’t plan it that way, but it was after midnight by the time he got to me.

I like that it has been a day of such love, such happiness, but now I experience it with just a twinge of pain. A thought towards the man who thought we’d celebrate this day for the rest of our lives. Another to the man who made this day less painful by choosing to meet me and later make a life with me.

One thought on “bittersweet

  1. It was good to read this. If only because your station in life mirrors mine so very much. A thought towards the woman I thought I’d spend more time with, and another to the woman who says she will make a life with me. I’m not sure what this stuck-in-between’ness limbo thing is called, but it is painful, even as it is pleasant (somehow). Thank you.


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