Have I been out of work too long to be desirable to an employer? Does the non-profit work I’ve done since being laid off count for anything? Is this all a black mark on a resume?

I find myself overqualified for many of the jobs out there. I find that my work experience has a limited scope as far as experience is concerned. I feel lost. I end up applying to things I’m not qualified for and things I’m more than qualified for in the hopes that someone sees something in me. I’m beginning to lose confidence in myself and my abilities. This is dangerous.

I want them to want me as much as I want to be employed.

3 thoughts on “Undesirable

  1. When I was still unemployed, my dad gave me some interesting wisdom

    “You are more than your job.”

    Chin up, and know that you hold so much value beyond what can be validated with employment.


  2. I know how you’re feeling from my own experience over the last few months and I hope you find something great soon.

    I know we aren’t our jobs, but part of our identity is forged by what we do and the satisfaction we gain from it. It hurts to not have our skills and experience acknowledged and valued. Will be thinking of you.


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