Sometimes, people put themselves out there to help you, without you having to ask. They decide to do something kind, simply because they want to.

I have been lucky enough to become friends with one of these people. We’ve talked for what seems like forever, and I cherish seeing her messages on my phone, on twitter. I consider myself lucky because she tries her best to make me smile. That’s so special. She is special. She is sweet, funny, tender, creative and smart.

I saw this last night. She posted something on Twitter, and on her blog. She’s asked people to help me so I can go home to be a part of my dad’s big night. He’s receiving a lifetime achievement award for his volunteer work advocating for children. The award is a surprise, and they’ve asked family and friends to be there to see him honored at this dinner. I want to be there, but flights are expensive. I made a comment on Twitter, simply bitching about airline prices, when Amber decided to be the friend that goes above and beyond.

I’m touched, and honored and so grateful. I cannot thank her enough. I am so glad that I’ve become her friend.

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