It’s always hard to adjust to a new schedule. Different hours, a change in bedtime and responsibility.

I don’t think I have been able to convert successfully just yet. I have a hard time working on the days he has off. No slow wake up, just bounce out of bed and get ready. This is not conducive to a good day.

So my days are still full of change. I am getting used to it. I think the worst part isn’t the job, or the early mornings. It’s having to deal with prime time traffic again. Especially in Utah, the drivers freak me out with their craziness.

I think it will take a bit, especially with me being off for half a week for my visit home. I’m just looking forward to the routine being routine.

4 thoughts on “routine

  1. It looks like quite a bit to when you posted last. I hope you have been able to evolve a comfortable routine since then.

    Take Care!



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