I don’t know why the number thirteen has such a bad reputation. Could be a number of things causing that, once you get Wikipedia involved. I’ve never found it to be lucky or unlucky for me, just a benign number like so many others. I’m hoping for neither lucky or unlucky. But, once again, like most years, I’m hoping for a fresh start.

Last year, I hoped too. We did get to take a trip, we cruised last February. I got to be home with my family twice; a fun trip in July, a sad one this November. My father is now healthier, there being no new cancer found and the cancer he had eliminated for the most part. D hasn’t yet found peace at work, and my changes weren’t necessarily for the better, but you can’t have everything.

This year ahead brings changes. All years do, but this one especially seems intimidating. D is going to switch hours at his work; going from a 3.5 day work week (three 12 hour days and one 6 hour day) to a 5 day, 8 hour work week. Pair this with a schedule change – instead of 6 am – 6 pm, he’ll either be working graveyards or a swing shift, and we’re upset, wondering about that change and how it will affect us.

I’m looking forward to a trip together, home to a wedding in the fall, and to the other things we’ll share this year. I pray that the good things outweigh the bad; that there’s more smiles, less tears and much less frustration.

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